Light and Shadow in Namibia

Light and Shadow in Namibia illustrates Namibia’s everyday life today; twenty-five years after independence. The reader learns what really stirs people, from the coexistence of ethnic groups and the importance of rain, to the enthusiasm for Braai (grilling), Rugby and camping. The book takes a close look at socio-political aspects such as the health system and AIDS, the growing influence of the Chinese or racism in day-to-day life.


Born in 1962, Anna Mandus lived in the USA and Asia before she settled in Germany for some years. She founded a company and started to write, but it was not long before the travel bug bit again, and she set out to discover a new continent. In the South Western corner of Africa she met a man, a real Namibian-German, a Suedwester, whomade her the second mother of two teenagers. In Namibia she learned among other things, the art of decorating thorny acacia Christmas trees and the science of correctly reading a rain metre. 

English Edition 192 pages,
Semi-Hardcover, 14,99 €/D
ISBN 978-3-946205-07-4



Is there a recipe for falling in love in, and with, Namibia, in only 24 hours? Take a hiking safari to Namibia’s touristic highlights; mix a burnt-out journalist, twelve fellow-travellers, of whom at least one is a dark horse, and a fearless go-getter tour guide. Now add lions, hippos and untameable tourists. Mix well and carefully stir in Bushmen, poachers and orphans. Season with a dash of drama and a pinch of romance. 

Anna Mandus has peppered her story with a wealth of anecdotes about the people, fauna and flora of Namibia, and it’s European visitors. The result is a delectable and informative read before you head off to Namibia – or the perfect companion for an African travel adventure from the comfort of your couch.

German Edition 240 pages,
Semi-Hardcover, 14,99 €/D
ISBN 978-3-946205-04-3



Nur 24 Zeile/
Only 24 Lines/ 





Cape Town 1939. On the eve of the Second World War the young German exchange teacher Kurt Falk meets Hildegard Mereis – and falls in love with her at first sight. Only a few months later he leaves South Africa head over heels to avoid his imminent internment as a German enemy alien. 

During his adventurous flight heading north he soon finds himself in the maelstrom of war: he is captured, barely survives the torpedoing of his transport ship and finally lands, after numerous destinations on his way, in an Australian internment camp, while Hildegard remains in Cape Town on her own. Neither of them anticipates that it will take ten years until they will meet again. Ten years, during which they can only communicate through letters.

Journalist and author Erika von Wietersheim, born 1952 in Namibia, reconstructed the true story of her parents from more than a hundred surviving letters, placed them into the historical context and composed  a gripping and intensely moving story.

German Edition 251 pages,
Hardcover, 19,99 €/D
ISBN 978-3-946205-17-3




Erika von Wietersheim spends one month writing in a remote farmhouse near the village Aus in the Namib Desert. Aus-Zeit is a poetic journey and a declaration of love for the desert, the power of loneliness and the cultural heritage of Namibia’s indigenous people.   

German Edition 136 pages,
Hardcover, 16,99 €
ISBN 978-3-946205-20-3