Even in literature, many take the tried and tested path. However, the tiny highlights that make unexpected insights possible, just aren’t there. It’s these we want to find.  


Our philosophy

The namesake of our publishing house, the Palmato gecko, lives hidden in the giant sand dunes of the Namibian desert. This small lizard, no longer than ten centimetres in size, delights all who discover it and show us that it’s not only the famous sights that are worth seeing. Sometimes, it pays to dig deeper than the others – to look beneath the surface. There are treasures to be found that remain undetected to those who only look at the big attractions. 

Our list

Palmato publishes books that take the reader to new worlds. Our current list focuses on topics from Africa, particularly Namibia, but new inner worlds or unexplored aspects of our daily lives also play a role. Palmato is an emerging publisher. We allow ourselves the freedom of adding fresh ideas and testing new directions.



About us

Felizitas Peters produced corporate publications for more than a dozen years before deciding to found an independent publishing house. Her love of foreign countries and fresh concepts defines the Palmato programme.

The seed was planted in the dunes of the Sossusvlei, when she held the little miracle of nature that is the Palmato gecko and just thought, „beautiful“. Due not only to this encounter, it became an affair of the heart to have Anna Mandus’ book about Namibia the first on the Palmato list. 


Felizitas peters, publisher

Felizitas peters, publisher